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Horse World!

by Passionate Chocolate

originally from "Dragon World!" by Coding Reason



Horse World!, a project made by Passionate Chocolate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Animals


basic math, delays, variables, miscellaneous, simple variables, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, advanced loops

  • #Lines:957
  • #Actors:45
  • #Costumes:87
  • #Scripts:324

Text Snippets

  • by horselover1239
  • center message box
  • pick your dragon
  • earth dragon chosen
  • love dragon chosen
  • the cave avalible
  • sky kingdom avalible
  • tap your horse to go back to spawn.
  • sky kingdom activated
  • stormland activated
  • stormland striking
  • stormland striking activated
  • find the wise lightning that talks!
  • boneland activated
  • misty’s jewels
  • misty’s jewels accepted
  • misty’s jewels declined
  • millie’s leaf accepted
  • millie’s leaf declined
  • mr. snake’s bat
  • mr. snake’s bat accepted
  • mr. snake’s bat declined
  • do quests to make your score higher, and earn money to buy skills and pets. but watch your boredom gem! remember that pets give you money! remember to watch out for apes and wizards. make sure you use your attack dragon.
  • your dragon got bored, and flew away. retry?
  • wizards stay off longer if you use fireball.
  • pets give you money!
  • your boredom gem is the emerald.
  • apes stay off longer if you use magic potion.
  • hello. i’m your new horse!
  • misty’s jewels completed
  • millie’s leaf completed
  • mr. snake’s bat completed
  • i am sooo bored...
  • dragon land button
  • sky kingdom label
  • sky kingdom button
  • stormland button
  • hello, i am bony, leader of the skeleton dragons. well, i am not really bony. i am bony’s bone. tap me for a suprise.
  • what happened to us? well.. we couldn’t create life, like the dragons. i thought it was unfair, so i tried to fly to the creator of all dragons to tell him. i got struck my red lightning, (the deadliest) and i collapsed. but, i must admit, it is fun being a ghost and bone.
  • wise lightning bolt
  • before bony got hit by red lightning, stormland used to be under control by him. but, when he did get hit by red lightning, it turned to chaos. no dragon dared to go there anymore. since then, stormland had just been stuck, and it never paused striking lightning.
  • misty the parrot
  • hello! i’m misty the parrot. could you get my jewels for me?
  • bottom message box
  • thank you so much!
  • yay! thank you so much for finding this for me!
  • shadowland button
  • millie the mouse
  • hello! i’m millie the mouse. could you help me find my favorite leaf? its blue and green with polka dots.
  • thanks for the help. the leaf is also really soft!
  • aw man! now i have to wait for another dragon!
  • thanks alot! now i have my favorite leaf again!
  • sssssssalutaions, dragon. perhapsssss you could find my pet bat for me?
  • thissss issss ssssssuper! ssssssoon i will have my bessssst friend again!
  • fine, i will ssssssearch for my bessssst friend myssssssself.
  • hello there, batty! you should stop running off like that!
  • i’m your boredom gem!
  • you do not have enough money for: “roar” this is $15
  • you do not have enough money for: “fireball” this is $20
  • you do not have enough money for: “magic potion” this is $25
  • you do not have enough money for: “pig pet” this is $5
  • you do not have enough money for: “cow pet” this is $10
  • destroy me with fireball!
  • scare me off with roar!
  • you do not have enough money for: “chicken pet” this is $3

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