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Dis Or Dat? 1

by Burdensome Accountant

originally from "Dis Or Dat?" by Adhesive Celery



Dis Or Dat? 1, a project made by Burdensome Accountant using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.





  • #Lines:211
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:28
  • #Scripts:49

Text Snippets

  • to play the game you have to choose a picture you like the best. at the end i will show you pictures that i choosen myself.
  • lets get started
  • the galaxy pic on the right or the one on the left?
  • the back of a iphone or the front?
  • balley class or the outfit?
  • death ballerina or random parking lot?
  • random parking lot
  • pink bedroom or random bedroom?
  • gothic bedroom or bright purple skull bedroom?
  • bright purple skull bedroom
  • random kitchen or dark basement?
  • harley quinn on the left or the harley quinn on the right?
  • one on the right
  • which villain is your fav?
  • which hot product is your fav?
  • which lays flavor is your fav?
  • do you like raven by herself or raven with a group of friends?
  • group of friends
  • do you like coca cola or mountain dew?
  • next picture plz
  • do you like sprite or (wild cherry) pepsi?
  • (wild cherry) pepsi
  • for question #1 i chose...
  • the universe is a wonder
  • for question #2 i chose...
  • the front of an iphone
  • so many things you can do on the front of an iphone
  • for question #3 i chose...
  • the tutu and the slippers so comfortable
  • for question #4 i chose...
  • raise to the grave
  • for question #5 i chose...
  • i am not much of a pink fan plus average
  • for question #6 i chose...
  • better than hot purple
  • for question #7 i chose...
  • who can blame me? the food
  • for question #8 i chose...
  • harley quinn on the left
  • perfect art work
  • for question #9 i chose...
  • she is my favorite villain
  • for question #10 i chose...
  • spicy and crunchy
  • for question #11 i chose...
  • lays (honey barbecue) chips
  • i like barbecue sauce as well, obvious
  • lays (honey barbecue)
  • for question #12 i chose...
  • with a group of friends
  • friends give you a warm felling in your heart
  • for question #13 i chose...
  • i really don't have any thing to say about this but, i like mountain dew
  • for question #14 i chose...
  • i hade it before it is pretty good
  • this is a game where you chose what you think is best...
  • created by....dat keira and originaly made by kurina cat🐱!!!
  • by kitten's and cat's 🐱 puppys and dogs to 🐶!!!
  • group of superhero's
  • Lays (honey barbecue) chips
  • Group of superhero's
  • (front) iphone 6
  • Random Parking lot
  • (Wild Cherry) Pepsi