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✨ Destiny’s Website ✨ 1

by Unequaled Toad

originally from "✨ Destiny’s Website ✨" by Imaginary Culture



✨ Destiny’s Website ✨ 1, a project made by Unequaled Toad using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Cool / Wow, Game, Photo, Art, Animation, Storytelling, Social, My News, Virtual Friend



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Text Snippets

  • ✨ Destiny’s Website ✨ 1
  • ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟 hey, everyone, welcome to destiny’s news! ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟✨ ⭐️💫🌟
  • 1. i will be changing the password as well. like i’m going to tell you guys! :p
  • 2. may open an art requests on this very page!
  • 3. i’m still thinking about the theme...
  • that’s all of the news! tune in next time to hear more from me!
  • see you all later!
  • ocs are being reedited. please wait...
  • only some are currently available. we will alert you when all characters are done.
  • frost the cat: meet frost the cat, my first ever oc. her ability is ice and snow, and can basically grant everyone in the world a white christmas. her siblings are younger twin xander and younger sister destiny, who was adopted to her family at a young age.
  • xander the cat: meet xander the cat, one of my other first ocs. his ability, lightning, is really dangerous, considering he could eletrocute a literal pool and kill everyone inside it. his siblings include older twin frost and younger sibling destiny, who was adopted with their family at a young age.
  • amelia the cat: meet amelia the cat, the fashionista of the group. her ability is water, so she can techinically fill up an empty pool or drown plants in water with her bracelet. she doesn’t have any siblings.
  • keira the fox: currently in works
  • helen the fox: meet helen the fox, the fox archer. she doesn’t have any abilities, by makes it up with a weapon; a bow an arrow. she is experted trained with the weapon, and hasn’t missed any of her far. she does not have any siblings, but there is suspicion of helen and keira being long-lost sisters.
  • embry o’hara the human/fox: meet embry o’hara, a human-born girl who can transform into a fox. at first, she didn’t have any abilities, but developed fire magic on her 12th birthday. this can only happen when she’s a fox, though. she used to have a younger sister, nina, who passed away from an accident.
  • galaxystar: currently in the works
  • ella the chipmunk: currently in the works
  • destiny the hedgehog: currently in the works
  • quinn the hedgehog: currently in the works
  • lily the bat: currently in the works
  • do you really? i have no friends, though... except where i live. if you want to, just remix this project and tell me so. did i mention you have to title it for destiny? well now i did!
  • reagan (ken tompkins), panda lover, mousecat, kittystar (aka spacekitten 💫), tori-anna, wolfix and that is it... anyone else?


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