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deep sea diver

by Spiffy Report



deep sea diver, a project made by Spiffy Report using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Arcade, Dodging, Animation


simple events, visibility, advanced costume handling, simple motion, delays, detect conditions, advanced events, advanced motion, input/output, simple loops, direction and turning, screen bounds, miscellaneous, resize actor, simple conditionals, program control

  • #Lines:281
  • #Actors:14
  • #Costumes:25
  • #Scripts:93

Text Snippets

  • your mission; retrive the giant pearl of legend!
  • watch out for seaweed, sharks, fish hooks and crabs!
  • but be careful, many divers have gone mysteriouly missing...
  • thankyou for playing! if i get 30 likes, i'll make a part 2, and you'll find out what happened to your diver, and be a step closer to uncovering the mystery of the giant pearl!
  • shark mouth closed (r)
  • shark mouth closed (l)
  • you dies seaweed
  • shark nom nom(l)
  • shark nom nom(r)
  • diver swimming right
  • you died fish hook
  • it disapeared into this hole!
  • diver swimming left
  • diver swimming left #2