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Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha]

by Childlike Dinner



Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha], a project made by Childlike Dinner using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




visibility, simple events, input/output, simple messaging, advanced costume handling, basic math, miscellaneous, delays, advanced events, simple conditionals, detect conditions, program control, layers, simple motion, advanced motion, simple loops, screen bounds, direction and turning, resize actor, simple costume handling, simple sound playing, graphic effects

  • #Lines:894
  • #Actors:43
  • #Costumes:66
  • #Scripts:259

Text Snippets

  • Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha]
  • drag the hand around by touching and dragging
  • prize corner with bob
  • welcome! to block-head ice creams!
  • blockhead said no!!!
  • [let the argument continue]
  • your pretty ugly
  • i want a kitten puppy!
  • drawing copy copy
  • more to be added soon!
  • drawing copy copy1
  • hello hello hello hello!
  • according to funtapes entertainment, i am supposed to be in the middle
  • ask that block-head dude to move.
  • oh ok... see ya champ!
  • wow thanks little guy!
  • mr. head, please mo-
  • aghhh!!! restroom!
  • block-head, please calm down!
  • were gonna get fired
  • calm down blocky!
  • whats your name?
  • my brother's name is jim...
  • sadly hes... dead
  • the meme dat boi???
  • oh no oh no oh no!!!
  • whats going on..?
  • what was that for!
  • regular: dont touch animatronics, dont eat off the toilet, dont cuddle with block-head, dont throw this paper in the trash| employee: dont travel through the pipes, dont clean the animatronics teeth, eyes, or rear, dont give out toys for free, dont make pizza with xtreme, please perform in the old alice suit for the kids beware springlocks, dont talk about mems infront of the animatronics
  • no ice cream here...
  • block-head, ross dude, alice mermaid, astonaut monkey to the left
  • hello fellow worker, im bob, the prize corner clerk! come with me to see our wonderfull prizes
  • are you coming ingred?
  • thats a girls name
  • ok see you later michael
  • im not even a girl...
  • (slowly walk away)
  • i'll pretend that your not weirded by me.
  • give up. what a fun game
  • yay. see you soon.
  • i've seen you before!
  • hello the puppet
  • rare dayshift incedent
  • what do you need youngling?
  • whats that thing?
  • thats the puppet hes an amazing work partner!
  • ready for an adventure...
  • your adventure is...
  • to kick the kid out!
  • will this get me fired?
  • better hide somewhere before the boss comes
  • balloons balloons! the best material!
  • wanna play a game?
  • doggo doggo go! is currently running up for you...
  • this addition has not been fully added... we are working on it
  • exotic attack! is currently out of order...
  • *kick gameboy over*
  • it isn’t open yet... maybe i can ask someone to let me in
  • well... your thoughts tell you to search
  • you finally found ice cream
  • oh... its just dave...
  • he tells you not to search cause he cares!
  • i was talking about maryland not you
  • i wama be a pawoitogilisty when i grow up
  • dont you think thats a kewl job
  • whats a pawapsldoaodowpso
  • thats not what its called its a psofowpwoaf
  • pobblyodovpdoligity
  • you made a kidddy cry?!

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Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha]
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1 1
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1 1 1
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1
Dayshift at block-head's [Alpha] 1