Darkstalker- Part Two

by Billowy Feast

originally from "Coloring Characters - complete" by Unkempt Auction



Darkstalker- Part Two, a project made by Billowy Feast using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple messaging, input/output, visibility, simple events, delays, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, advanced motion, simple sound playing, layers

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  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:20
  • #Scripts:40

Text Snippets

  • Darkstalker- Part Two
  • to be continued... but don't stop watching right now, there's credits!!!
  • this tynker project was based on wings of fire-legends: darkstalker by tui t. sutherland.
  • also, please don't copy. i would appreciate it very much if you didn't. i will make a part three soon!
  • byeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
  • this is part 2 of the darkstalker project. if you didn't see part one, then go see part one first!!!!
  • it's the annual seawing talons of power ceremony. the ceremony is a test to see if any seawing dragonets have animus power.
  • weird blobby island
  • the summer palace
  • darkstalker. hello, darling.
  • it's not. in nightwing tradition, mothers pick their dragonet's names.
  • here, you don't have a 'rank'. as long as we're alive, my dragonets will never set foot in your snowy wasteland.
  • darkstalker? you've got to be kidding me. that's creepy.
  • in icewing tradition, the dragon with the highest rank gets to name their dragonets.
  • fine. you can have your sinister little darkstalker. but i want to name the other one.
  • um... coconut? would you please go hit my grandfather?
  • phew! i'm not an animus dragon!
  • coconut, listen up. i command you to fly to my grandfather and hit him.
  • the amazing power of animus magic
  • hey fathom... i dare you to grab that bird and eat it.
  • how do we do that?
  • fathom, you jellyfish. i don't think you're supposed to say please. it's a coconut. you can boss it around.
  • you use your animus power, if you have any.
  • it's the new project i'm working on. a new castle for seawing royalty: the summer palace.
  • i'm growing it carefully with animus magic.
  • killer albatross!!!
  • so everyone, listen up. you are going to tell your coconut to fly over here and hit me.
  • it's my brother! fathom's an animus!
  • property of fathom
  • where is albatross?
  • why is indigo so annoying? isn't the answer obvious?
  • but... but i'm the queen.


  • background scene - beach
    background scene - beach
  • background scene - island
    background scene - island
  • background scene - the summer palace
    background scene - the summer palace
  • Foeslayer - Dragon_Lineart1
    Foeslayer - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Arctic - Dragon_Lineart1
    Arctic - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Darkstalker - Dragon_Lineart1
    Darkstalker - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Whiteout - Dragon_Lineart1
    Whiteout - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Clearsight - Dragon_Lineart1
    Clearsight - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Fathom - Dragon_Lineart1
    Fathom - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Indigo - Dragon_Lineart1
    Indigo - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Albatross - Dragon_Lineart1
    Albatross - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Albatross - KILLER ALBATROSS!!!
    Albatross - KILLER ALBATROSS!!!
  • Pearl - Dragon_Lineart1
    Pearl - Dragon_Lineart1
  • coconut - drawing
    coconut - drawing
  • coconut1 - drawing
    coconut1 - drawing
  • PROPERTY OF FATHOM - drawing
    PROPERTY OF FATHOM - drawing
  • Queen Lagoon - Dragon_Lineart1
    Queen Lagoon - Dragon_Lineart1
  • Queen Lagoon - left
    Queen Lagoon - left
  • Queen Lagoon - left copy
    Queen Lagoon - left copy
  • Queen Lagoon - left copy copy
    Queen Lagoon - left copy copy
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • thing - drawing
    thing - drawing
  • fountain - drawing
    fountain - drawing

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