project screenshot

Crusher Game 1

by Powerful Ghost

originally from "The crusher game 2" by Lanky Mixes



Crusher Game 1, a project made by Powerful Ghost using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


expert physics, basic math, simple messaging, cloning, simple loops, simple events, delays, simple variables, visibility, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, simple costume handling, advanced motion, resize actor, direction and turning, variables, advanced costume handling, miscellaneous, conditional wait, advanced physics, input/output, advanced messaging, basic physics, graphic effects, music and instruments, simple motion, detect conditions, conditional loops

  • #Lines:354
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:66
  • #Scripts:40

Text Snippets

  • item to be destroyed
  • normal fidget spinner
  • normal jack-o-lantern
  • normal christmas tree
  • one third damaged iphone
  • one third damaged iphone copy
  • one third damaged fidget spinner
  • two thirds damaged fidget spinner
  • one third damaged jack-o-lantern
  • two thirds damaged jack-o-lantern
  • one third damaged christmas tree
  • two thirds damaged christmas tree
  • one third damaged laptop
  • two thirds damaged laptop
  • black plastic shard
  • green plastic shard
  • fidget spinner parts
  • more pumpkin guts
  • drawing copy 2 copy
  • drawing1 copy 2 copy
  • drawing2 copy 2 copy
  • drawing2 copy 2 copy copy
  • drawing1 copy 2 copy copy
  • drawing copy 2 copy copy
  • yellow slider left