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Coreys game clicker 1

by Glaring Pocket

remixed from "Coreys game clicker" by Tearful Fleece

originally from "Gamer Clicker" by Gracious Love



Coreys game clicker 1, a project made by Glaring Pocket using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Photo, Clicker


variables, simple variables, simple conditionals, expert math, delays, basic math, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:378
  • #Actors:26
  • #Costumes:28
  • #Scripts:97

Text Snippets

  • Coreys game clicker 1
  • acheivment unlocked: pro streamer
  • acheivment unlocked: mobile games
  • acheivment unlocked: computer games
  • credits to caleb liskey and ryan robert for giving me the idea.
  • you are a gamer who streams. every subscriber will count towards buying games. good luck and have fun!
  • if you are wondering why you lose subscribers when you buy a game it is because that amount of people do not like that game.
  • if you are wondering caleb liskey made this. look out for game clicker 2.
  • acheivment unlocked: what am i doing with my life?!?!!?!?!
  • acheivment unlocked: i'm beating pewdiepie!!!!!!!
  • you did it... you broke youtube because of how much subscribers you got
  • acheivment unlocked: youtube = broken
  • there is no game
  • drawing211111111
  • drawing2111111111
  • drawing21111111111