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Competion, a project made by Edible Turkey using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • center message box
  • hello. today i’m gonnna do a competion.
  • what i would like people to do is give me reasons why teachers should or should not stop standardized testing.
  • now i like school, but i think teachers should do more teaching than testing.
  • what i want you to do is to make a tynker project on your reason.
  • you can make it a game, slideshow or whatever as long as you make your point.
  • name it #schooltestingreasons
  • if you take advantage and make a joke of this project, i will report it. i want to see what the other tynker comunity thinks.
  • whoever gives the best reasons that could persuade anyone will win.
  • the winner will get a whole tynker project dedicated to them, so be sure to include a nickname in your project. to find the winner, type in #winnertotesting.
  • bye, and i hope to see your tynker projects soon!
  • (don’t forget to like!)
  • (if i get 15 likes i’ll make another!!!)


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