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christmas skit (beta) 1

by Familiar Dam

originally from "christmas skit (beta)" by Nocturnal Fish



christmas skit (beta) 1, a project made by Familiar Dam using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


visibility, delays, input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, basic math, advanced motion, simple loops, simple motion, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:311
  • #Actors:19
  • #Costumes:37
  • #Scripts:19

Text Snippets

  • christmas skit (beta) 1
  • spooky graveyard
  • im also just kidding
  • but today is chistmas
  • so i need to celabrate
  • can you be my christmas tree
  • i need to set up
  • and that should do it
  • so i think my house looks nice
  • yum that was good
  • i wanna open a preasent
  • cool a mini portal
  • i wanna jump through
  • i think were stuck
  • we need to go back
  • were in the wrong universe
  • well we need to get going
  • this is dope!!!!!!!!
  • i cant wait to tell my freinds
  • welcome to the planet zorlax
  • where are you from?
  • thats 133455758667billion lightyears away
  • we got visitors from earth
  • by the way he’s magical
  • what do you want
  • Embarrassed Dragon
  • its ok i wont kill you
  • welcome to the under world!
  • if your wondering what planet were on its zixode