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Cat Decorator! 1

by Inconclusive Cardinal



Cat Decorator! 1, a project made by Inconclusive Cardinal using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Game, Customizer, Photo



  • #Lines:200
  • #Actors:46
  • #Costumes:46
  • #Scripts:45

Text Snippets

  • Cat Decorator! 1
  • hi and welcome to cat decorator! i made this because i was bored. don’t judge me.
  • please do not copy because if you didn’t know, there is something called report that is in tynker so back off all you copy-cats!
  • or you can make your own version but you can not copy me completely. like have a different cat and different accessories. if you do please give me credit :l
  • in the middle is the cat you will be decorating
  • at the top are some capes
  • the top right corner are head accessories
  • and at the top left corner are speech bubbles that you can make your cat say (?)
  • at the left side are some tail wraps / decorations / accessories
  • the bottom left corner has some skirts
  • the bottom has collars / necklaces
  • and last but not least are some shirts in the bottom right corner
  • please enjoy! it took so long to make this
  • and the picture of the cat is not mine.
  • i will make an update with more accessories!
  • enjoy! and again, i will report you if you completely copy this or re-publish this as your own without giving me full credit
  • what is your cat’s name?
  • drawing511211111
  • drawing511211121
  • drawing5112111211

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