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beyblade burst: bye free 1

by Earsplitting Float

originally from "beyblade burst: bye free" by Agent ramen 67



beyblade burst: bye free 1, a project made by Earsplitting Float using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Battle, Photo, Art, Animation


simple events, input/output, delays, visibility, simple loops, direction and turning, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, simple drawing, advanced animation, program control, simple conditionals, detect conditions, basic math, simple sound playing, simple motion, pen color, simple messaging, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:92
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:9
  • #Scripts:19

Text Snippets

  • beyblade burst: bye free 1
  • finnally i got them to inneract
  • this game is turnament for all blader
  • and im gonna make every characters even fom diffrent world or same
  • battle each other
  • im gingka hagane im gonna be the best blader im gonna defeat you
  • 3 2 1 let it rip
  • 2019 updates is here
  • bottom message box
  • im valt aoi im gonna be the best blader in holl wide world
  • samurai pegasus special move: super nova

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