Baseball trivia 1

by Nutty Badger

originally from "Baseball trivia" by Popular Oyster



Baseball trivia 1, a project made by Nutty Badger using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • Baseball trivia 1
  • welcome to baseball trivia
  • no, i am bryce harper
  • how many mlb teams are there
  • what team did babe ruth play for before the red soxs
  • what is the oldest ball park right now
  • which basketball player singed with the chicago white soxs in 1994
  • shaquille o’neal
  • no, michael jordan
  • what baseball announcer had the phrase, “holy cow!”
  • which team hosted infamous “disco demolation night” in july 1979
  • chicago white soxs
  • no, chicago white soxs
  • who is a pitcher that won a world seires in diffrent decades
  • what pitcher ended joe dimaggil’s 57 game htting streak
  • who played for the reds and be called “big red machine” in the 1770’s
  • ken griffey, sr.
  • ken griffey, jr.
  • what baseball great is known for the saying “it ain’t over till it’s over”
  • were is the national baseball hall of fame located
  • no, cooperstown, ny
  • which player has a record-setting seven mvp awards
  • were was the first mlb all-star game played
  • san francisco, ca
  • who has the highest career batting average
  • what player is known as “1” on a baseball field
  • which one is a southpaw
  • right handed pitcher
  • left handed pitcher
  • no, left handed pitcher
  • what team won the 2018 world series
  • thanks for playing, if you want more give me some likes


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