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by Smooth House

originally from "AWESOME People!" by Peppermint Productions



AWESOME People!, a project made by Smooth House using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Social, Shout-Out, Game, Storytelling, My News, Virtual Friend, Cool / Wow

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  • #Actors:22
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Text Snippets

  • rainbowtacocat- you inspire me a lot, and i admire your artistic skills. you have great projects that i couldn’t come up with, and you’re a role model for the community, which is awesome, and i bet that it’s awesome for you too. i’m just saying that i look up to you and the community looks up to you, and that means you are truly a great person. keep up the spectacular work!!
  • isabella- you have hilarious projects, and you have amazing projects! you are so good at drawing, too! you are really an amazing person with even more amazing ideas! honestly, i want to be more like you. keep up the awesome work!!!!
  • zgames- amazing, colorful, and extremely well-drawn projects! they’re so great and i wish i could draw as good as you, zgames!! keep up the great work!
  • jilly- adorable and sweet projects you have! they’re so cute and sweet and i enjoy them so much!!!!!! keep up the spectacular projects!!!
  • loveheart- your projects are so cute and full of effort and care and so many other things! you’re so creative with everything you do, and you are just overall a great person who codes greater things. keep up the awesome work!
  • faffa leeee- great projects, i’m surprised they don’t get featured more often! your style is great, and you are great, too! you’re such a sweet person, and i admire you for being so sweet. keep up the awesome, spectacular work!!
  • pandadood- you’re my brother, and i am honestly so grateful for that. you’re truly such an amazing coder with amazing ideas. i wish i had the amount of ideas as you have! keep up the great work!!!
  • girlguru- amazing projects!! you are just so talented with coding, and i am just so happy to play all of your games- you clearly put a lot of effort into all of them! i wish i could put as much effort in my projects as yours! keep up the great work!!
  • r3b3cca- awesome and innovating projects! i enjoy all of your projects, they’re just so sweet! i wish i could be more like you, r3b3cca! keep up the great work!!
  • purpleberry- honestly, you’re such a great coder! all of your projects put a smile on my face and i am so happy when i play one of your project, because i know your project is going to be awesome!! keep up the amazing work!!
  • everyone else- awesome projects! keep on pursuing your dreams and you could make it here! just keep up the great work!!
  • do you want me to include you? just remix this project! (please don’ t add yourself in without any context)
  • erikajane- amazing projects! they’re so cute and they’re so colorful! they’re just perfect in every single way! keep up the great work!
  • twigles- amazing projects! they’re so fun to play! they’re so perfect!! i wish that i could code as good as you, twigles! keep up the awesome work!!
  • peppermintcupcake
  • peppermintcupcake- awesome projects! they’re so well-drawn! all of your projects are just soooo amazing i don’t have any words to describe them! keep up the awesome work!!!
  • katie cake: your projects are so cute! i love all of your projects so much!! they’re so well-drawn and cute! i can’t even explain how much i enjoy your projects! keep up the create work, katie!
  • cometcrasher523- fantastic projects! i love playing them! they’re really great!
  • redpandagamingz- really awesome projects! 6 projects of yours were featured in one hour, and you must be so happy! i’d be happy too! so, even tynker thinks your projects are spectacular! keep up the great work! (also i might sub to you on youtube)
  • keilanis16 - awesome games! they're so fun! i love playing all of your games, they are inspiring and truly amazing! keep up the great work! :)
  • illuminati studios/nolan
  • illuminati studios / nolan - fun projects! they're really amazing and i love playing them! good job on those projects, and keep up the good work!
  • magiccat360- amazing projects, they’re so cool! i love your animations and drawings! keep up the amazing work, my friend!
  • air-bear - awesome projects! the drawings are really awesome, i admire your drawings! keep up the amazing work!
  • eel- i mean, you asked

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