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by Thorny Heart



Animalia, a project made by Thorny Heart using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling


basic math, simple variables, advanced events, visibility, simple events, advanced math, input/output, layers, variables, advanced costume handling, simple loops, text handling, simple conditionals, delays, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:306
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:21
  • #Scripts:74

Text Snippets

  • animalia- in this game you can meet all the animalia leader. i will create mini stories about them in the future. made by rainbow butterfly
  • hello, i am aeros
  • i am the leader of the air spirits. welcome to the sky world.
  • hello, i am blaze
  • i am the leader of the fire spirits. welcome to the fire world.
  • hello, i am frost
  • i am the leader of the ice spirits. welcome to the frozen world.
  • hello, i am tsunis
  • i am the leader of the water spirits. welcome to the sea world.
  • hello, i am terbis
  • i am the leader of the earth spirits. welcome to the earth world.
  • hello, i am animos
  • i am the leader of the nature spirits. welcome to the forest world.
  • hello, i am fara
  • i am the leader of the crystal spirits. welcome to the gem world.
  • hello, i am storm
  • i am the leader of the weather spirits. welcome to the weather world.
  • drawing821111111
  • made by rainbow butterfly