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Among Us -still working on-

by Perfumed Saxophone



Among Us -still working on-, a project made by Perfumed Saxophone using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Photo, Game, Cool / Wow, Storytelling, Arcade, Utility, App


basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, delays

  • #Lines:440
  • #Actors:38
  • #Costumes:54
  • #Scripts:155

Text Snippets

  • Among Us -still working on-
  • reminder pink is the second imposter and they are in a vent.
  • bots and be imposter .exe
  • tysm for 70 likes when this is finished it will be so good! also admin and weapons are now in game! sub to agent ant too because hes my friend. oh i almost forgot that now you can free play with bots and im still working on duplicating the chats so i can make them disapear on fake. also please follow me on roblox my user name is sis_savegelol and if you do it would make me super happy!
  • sorry the game is full!
  • woah you are doing 2 imposters
  • what color would you like to be?
  • color yourself with a rainbow
  • emergency meeting
  • security and reactor
  • medbay upper engine
  • dead body meeting
  • orange chat logs1
  • now you may be confused but your questions are ‘i think he was in a vent’ or ‘idk’ or ‘ i dont know’ choose one each has a different ending except for the idks
  • i think he was in a vent
  • ok now your choices are ‘ i agree ‘ or ‘ no bruh ur sus ‘ lastly ‘ i think ur both sus’ like i said earlier eatch has a diff ending :)
  • agree orange sus
  • you will recieve the ending called ‘ betray ‘ and win yourself or lose :>
  • player game creator dont annoy him or u get kicked out
  • sorry but kill wont work right now im working on it and how it will work sorry to disapoint you :(
  • glitccghhhhhhtprap?
  • this is new me and my new character is glitch trap :d
  • weapons astroids
  • astroids sit blue
  • do you want to vent? (yes or no)
  • do you want to go to admin cafeteria or medbay?

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