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Air Battle 2

by Kurnix



Air Battle 2, a project made by Kurnix using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Dodging, Boss Fight


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, delays, simple loops, basic math, screen bounds, detect conditions, input/output, advanced costume handling, simple motion, variables, direction and turning, simple conditionals, simple variables, resize actor, cloning, conditional loops, conditional wait, advanced motion, simple costume handling, advanced events, program control, advanced math, text handling, miscellaneous, layers

  • #Lines:425
  • #Actors:27
  • #Costumes:56
  • #Scripts:70

Text Snippets

  • i’m sure at least some of you know air battle.
  • well this is the sequal.
  • would you like to hear the backstory? (part 2)
  • so it is a short story. (again)
  • previously, the plane defeated dr. evil.
  • so dr. evil’s brother dr. evil jr, wants revenge....
  • ...on the plane’s younger brother.