A test for memers 1

by Infinite Money

originally from "A test for memers" by Confused Peel



A test for memers 1, a project made by Infinite Money using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


delays, simple variables, variables, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, simple loops

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  • #Actors:2
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Text Snippets

  • final test score
  • alright welcome to test for memers.
  • to start off, lets do some ez maths.
  • ok that’s a good start.
  • no, the answer is fish.
  • you are so bad at this
  • ok so enough with ez maths.
  • now let’s do some riddles.
  • i’m much fat me like bread. also me fat. who is me?
  • lebrrroin jammess
  • your iq is very high.
  • no! why would you even think that?
  • i look like a headphone set, my content isnt mine and my content isnt mine and my content isnt mine and my content isnt mine, what am i?
  • buffalo wild wings
  • that one was too easy wasn’t it?
  • looks like you should go watch some meme review
  • spell the word spaghetti.
  • your grammar is memetastic!
  • umm no, it’s spelled ‘spuhghetti’
  • let’s do some “finish the sentence”
  • sounds good to me
  • you dont get to decide that.
  • you lose a point for being so rude.
  • it’s raining _____
  • <— all of those
  • this one was so obvious. how did you not get it?
  • beep beep ima sheep i said beep beep ima sheep! ____ ____ ima cow i said ____ ____ ima cow!
  • you did great on that one.
  • ok so that one wasnt really a meme but you still failed there.
  • ok, what was that last question from?
  • ok... so you arnt thaat bad at doing the internet
  • what do you do all day? do the book?
  • the last question of the meme quiz...
  • what does the fox say?
  • ,gtyjdquidgyfykuauygsukyfkuyfkuywgliuqguylwfkuysglyugdvabvnmxvhnwulgwvghkdyuvkj
  • well i didn’t expect you to know that anyways.
  • are you ready for your final score?
  • there are 10 questions in this test and each one gives you 1 point.
  • thanks for taking the test for memers. if this gets 80 likes i will add more stuff like questions and maybe secrets.


  • background scene - Sunset Dunes
    background scene - Sunset Dunes
  • Quizzer - Idle
    Quizzer - Idle
  • Quizzer - Stick 1
    Quizzer - Stick 1
  • Quizzer - Stick 2
    Quizzer - Stick 2
  • Board - Board blank
    Board - Board blank
  • Board - 2+2
    Board - 2+2
  • Board - Spammm
    Board - Spammm
  • Board - Bread
    Board - Bread

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