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All about meh!, a project made by joyfulpuppy using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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simple loops, delays

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  • hai guys, i thought i might tell you all a little more about me and my personality, so here’s whats new about me!
  • ok, so my new projects that will be coming out soon are: wolfhaven clicker, a lone wolf’s journey ep 2 (addison is getting a makeover dont worry), ginger’s blog, the drawing pad, and i am working on a christmas/hannakah update. code: happy howlidays (p.s. if you want you can make a kwanza suggestion idk much about it.)
  • also please stop copying my projects, especially claiming my dog ginger to be yours, or renaming her. i’m normally fine with people reusing my actors as long as they give credit to me, but my dog is mine and i don’t want her being used in other peoples projects, sorry.
  • in my spare time i like to draw, read, play with my dog, reaserch about wild animals, play minecraft, roblox, wildcraft, and somtimes gatcha life. i aslo somtimes listen to music, watch youtube, daydream, and stretch!
  • i also do gymnastics and rock climbing. i am exel silver in gymnastics, and go to upper limits for rock climbing, and have climbed v3’s on the boulder, 5.10b’s on top-rope/auto-belay. i also am trying to become a self taught contortionist and stretch for an hour every other day.
  • in school i am in the sixth grade middle school and my favorite subjects are art, literacy, math, and science. i really dislike social studies and ela though.
  • i’ll also be starting in person learning on nov. 4th, 2020
  • my favorite colors are grey, blue, maroon, and black! my favorite animals are pretty much any member of the canine family, although i like wild cats a lot too. i am a night person and love the moon! my favorite food is bacon, i know, i know, i love animals and hate the thought of them being killed for food but meat is sooooo good. i also really like sweaters, thought i would just put that in. my favorite season is winter with fall in close second. i really like animals too, and when i grow up i want a husky/malamute mix, a samoyed, and a bernese mountain dog. if i could live in alaska for a while (not forever) i would. i love mountains, forests and hiking.
  • athough my prefrencess suggest i am a loner, i am actually a friendly person! i love hanging out with people but can handle being alone. i am sort of introverted though, and don’t like big crowds, but i will make friends with anyine i can.
  • my tynker account is obviously joyfullpuppy, but my roblox account is gingerdoglover829 if you want to friend me. my minecraft account is chippercandle82 (on mobile) or cardfuzzball500, i honestly didn’t pick these names and am not sure which name i have.
  • some gaming recomendations i have for roblox are farm world, flee the facility, fasion famous (although i never wear dresses or skirts in it as i hate them), design it, spider, impostor, pick a side (or choose a sid idk), and more to come. for minecraft i really like the lifeboat server, and my favorite games on there are skyblock, bedwars, build battles(not on lifeboat tho), and just normal suvival. some cool youtubers i watch are hope for paws, stacyplays (also please check out her books), sometimes i watch unspeakabke, and other i cant think of right now. i also love owl city’s music even though its old.
  • halloween! i’m going to be a wolf, also the stupid freeking coronavirus
  • when i grow up i want one of a few of the following jobs, an orthopedic vet, an author, a movie director, an animal rights activist, or an artist.
  • to poptart: yes you may copy if you change or add somthing in the project and show dialouge at the begining giving credit
  • to dragon: sure i’d love an oc. can you do a griffin? or a fox is fine.
  • to evelyn: i love aussies although joy is a border collie. i do actually have a youtube channel i just started and am planing to do some animations. the name is emberwolf animations.
  • copy this project and asked me questions, they will be answered here.