by Happy Day

originally from "Week 2: Tell Codey's Story" by Upset Explode



CODEY V.S. COVID-19: WHO WILL WIN????, a project made by Happy Day using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.

Text Snippets

  • action hero music
  • ooh! check out that newspaper.
  • oh my! a terrible virus! the world is in danger!
  • i must go defeat covid-19!!!
  • the world needs me!!!!!
  • well, here i am, on the outskirts of the city. i don't see anybody nearby.
  • i better hunt for the virus.
  • yoohoo!!!!!!!!! mr covid-19!!!!!
  • come out and fiiiiiiight meeeeee!!!!!!!!!
  • eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
  • oh, there you are.
  • well, i'm sorry about this, but i have to kill you.
  • oh my goodness! covid-19 is blasting invisible bazooka-balls!!!!!!
  • that virus knows its ammunition.
  • i must run away! run away!
  • wait a my encyclopedia of viruses, it said that viruses are afraid of fire.
  • yes!! that's it! i must turn into a fire!
  • do i have enough code power to do so???
  • waaaapow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hooray! hooray! covid-19 is no more!!!!
  • but killing me is very hard!!!
  • muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
  • what is that? it can't be--
  • it is fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!


  • background scene - City Street
    background scene - City Street
  • background scene - Metropolis
    background scene - Metropolis
  • Codey - blank
    Codey - blank
  • actor - blank
    actor - blank
  • actor2 - blank
    actor2 - blank
  • actor2 - blank1
    actor2 - blank1
  • actor2 - blank11
    actor2 - blank11
  • actor2 - blank2
    actor2 - blank2
  • actor2 - blank21
    actor2 - blank21
  • actor3 - blank
    actor3 - blank
  • actor3 - blank1
    actor3 - blank1

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