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Sans, a project made by Supportive Knock using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Storytelling, Photo, Boss Fight, Clone, Animals


functions, basic math, simple variables, simple conditionals, delays, miscellaneous, variables, simple loops, advanced math

  • #Lines:2267
  • #Actors:52
  • #Costumes:90
  • #Scripts:369

Text Snippets

  • well now you can replay if you want
  • you died i have reset the level
  • terminaste el juego wey
  • wow you really did it
  • i was not expecting that
  • do you want to see my especial attack...
  • now never is going to be your turn...
  • now you cant win
  • you are going to be here for a long long time
  • ¿do you want to finish the other part of the game?
  • ¿or you just want to win?
  • ¿win or finish?
  • wow you are a good guy
  • this is the final part
  • you reached a checkpoint!
  • its raining bones
  • shoot skull aiz2
  • shoot skull aiz1
  • red shoot skull51
  • red shoot skull511
  • red shoot skull512
  • red shoot skull513
  • red shoot skull1
  • huesopequeñonormal
  • huesopequeñoazul
  • huesopequeñoverde
  • huesograndenormal
  • huesograndeverde
  • HuesoPequeñoNormal
  • HuesoPequeñoAzul
  • HuesoPequeñoVerde
  • HuesoGrandeNormal
  • HuesoGrandeVerde
  • red shoot skull2
  • red shoot skull21
  • red shoot skull22
  • red shoot skull23
  • red shoot skull24
  • red shoot skull25
  • red shoot skull26
  • red shoot skull27
  • red shoot skull3
  • red shoot skull4
  • red shoot skull5
  • red shoot skull6
  • to move touch the screen were you want to go
  • white bones damage you
  • green bone gives you more hp
  • with blue bones just stop touching the screen and they will pass throw you without doing damge
  • blue lasers damage you, and red lasers paralize you
  • now you are ready

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