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Date Codey!

by Flat Riddle

originally from "Date Codey!" by Plain Gentleman



Date Codey!, a project made by Flat Riddle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Food & Drink, Photo, Animation, Customizer, Animals


delays, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, simple loops

  • #Lines:195
  • #Actors:5
  • #Costumes:23
  • #Scripts:10

Text Snippets

  • #creepilywalksaway
  • hello, stranger!
  • this is the worst date ever
  • i paid tons of money for this!
  • well anyways do you like my clothes?
  • you don’t have any!
  • i do! i paid 999$ for this!
  • my name is codey.
  • what is your name?
  • hi, i forgot your name
  • i need to go to the bathroom
  • what you like sir?
  • food, duh you dum dum
  • nothing (totally not because i hate codey)
  • what type of food?
  • i want to have spahetti, none for codey.
  • coming right up!
  • sure, its our specialty!
  • we will get the food ready any moment.
  • here is your food!
  • what did you order?
  • spahetti for me, none for you.
  • wait what? i want some food!
  • wait im hungry to you know! what am i going to eat
  • oh, your food is here!
  • wheres my food?!!!
  • this date is over you didnt order anything for me!!!!!!!
  • do this again sometime?
  • center message box
  • hi guys! i will do another codey anamation if this gets 1500 likes! so make sure you smash the like button!
  • credits:who played as codey? codey! duh. who played you? you! who played as the waiter? your dad. who played the dog? there was no dog!!!!!!!! who was in the audience? your mom.
  • made by bunny4life

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Date Codey!
😘Date codey ,do it😘
😘Date codey ,do it😘