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THE BOOK pt 2, a project made by Flat Riddle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Stick Figure, Photo, Storytelling, Game, Funny, Battle, Customizer


delays, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • starting right now
  • calandra, xana, charles, and beth were fighting about the supplies
  • huh? we passed there you say? well i'm replaying so you won't forget
  • i said this is dumb!
  • arena view explosion
  • where's xana? did he lose? what created the smoke?
  • will the others find out what happened before it's to late?
  • exciting huh? well most good stories leave off at intresting parts!
  • leave a like for a part three to were calandra, charles, and beth go down to investigate!
  • thank you for watching the book pt 2
  • it will take time to make, the book pt 3
  • you woke up, the book!
  • why are you here?
  • oh, it's you again.
  • thanks for waking me up
  • now where did we leave off?
  • names of the kingdoms
  • calandra,xana,charles,and beth are fighting
  • yes, yes now i remeber
  • wait, let me get myself together...
  • funny, i don't remeber it like that
  • guess what? i fiqured out you guys really did do the deliverys, its just a human here was stealing the supplies when you guys weren't looking
  • who are you, where's your king?
  • maybe we can't punish the king but we can imprison him!
  • true, we should not let karl have a chance, it could be the difference in a win or loss in war!
  • um, calandra do you even know who he is?
  • okay, lets just hope karl hasn't won already! come on let's get down there and put an end to this fight unless the end already came
  • he looks like the basic generic human, to me
  • delivery for water!
  • tell us who is the king, and we just might lessen your punishment for stealing!
  • if karl will keep on striking, xana will lose!
  • why are we even giving karl a chance to win? he's the enemy, we should just stop him
  • who am i? i'm karl, and as for the king...
  • well the king can defeat you! you can punish me but you can't punish the king!
  • great! if you can't punish the king, well you can't punish me!
  • i am the king of humans!
  • i challenge you all to a duel, since there are multiple of you, it will be unfair, so i will battle one at a time!
  • were to *cough* late, xana probably, *cough* lost already, but *cough* lets *cough* still *cough* go *cough* anyway

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