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Coin Simulator!

by Frivolous Prosecutor



Coin Simulator!, a project made by Frivolous Prosecutor using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Clicker, Simulator, Word, Music, Animation, Battle


simple variables, simple conditionals, basic math, variables, delays, simple sound playing, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:166
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:10
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Text Snippets

  • hello! welcome to my first ever coin simulator game! in this game you gonna upgrade your coins and be rich! also thanks so much for making this game featured!
  • also, please don't copy this game i saw one person do it before...
  • you just bought this item! and got 1 more coin per click!
  • you need 100 coins to buy this item!
  • you just bought this item! and got an auto coin farmer!
  • you need 300 coins to buy this item!
  • 5. november • plays a sound when you buy something! ||| 6. november • new 2x coin upgrade (need 200 coins for 2x coin upgrade) now need 300 coins for auto coins! also added some more background detail!
  • 8. november • all of the buttons execpt get coins button change size when clicked! 9. november • i made a rank system! • new name to the game!
  • the new name is: coin simulator! (before: coin game) -> (after: coin simulator!) 16. november • added a next rank counter!
  • 19. novemeber • added a total clicks counter on the get coins button! 1. desember • added a christmas background!!! also changed the music to sleepy music!
  • 20. desember • fixed a littel bit on the game! 1. jan • the game is back to normal! i'm gonna miss the christmas version :(
  • 1. jan • but remember this game will have more updates coming soon! 4. jan • i made a better coin icon!
  • upgrade coins 2x
  • you just bought this item! and got 2 more coins per click!
  • you need 200 coins to buy this item!
  • next rank counter
  • Next rank counter

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