Basic Setup

What are the minimum system requirements needed to run Tynker?

If you have a web browser and internet connection, you’re good to go!

Do I need to install Tynker to use it?

There’s nothing to install. Tynker is purely cloud-hosted.

What browsers are supported?

Tynker works best in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Do you have mobile support?

Yes - download the free Tynker App for iPads or Android-enabled tablets. With the mobile apps, you can:

  • Learn to code by solving puzzles
  • Build games, stories and interactive animations
  • Web and mobile access to all your projects
  • Work offline without Internet access

Any projects you build will automatically sync and run on tablets. However, Tynker's online self-paced courses will not work on the mobile devices.

What platforms are supported?

All of them. We’re browser-specific, but platform-neutral. You can access your account and share projects whenever you have access to the internet.

Where are my projects saved?

Your projects are saved on your account on Tynker. You can access them at school, at home — anywhere you have access to the internet.

Can I save my project and come back later to continue?

Of course!