Other Topics

Can I import my own picture?

Click on the Create Actor button, the edit menu, and then the import image button. Search through your computer for pictures to add!

Can I record my own voice?

At this time you can record your voice on the computer and then import it into a project. Just drag the sound file onto the Stage from your computer.

When do I use ‘messages’?

Messages are used to communicate between two Actors. Use the {"func":"blockControlBroadcast"} code block from one Actor to send a message. This will activate any code under the {"func":"registerBroadcastTrigger"} code block in the other Actor if the messages match. You can also use the {"func":"blockControlPostMessage"} block if you want to send a message to a specific Actor.

Sample Projects:    Snail Trails, Click the Bomb

How do I ask the user a question?

You can use the {"func":"blockSensingAskAndWait"} block, type in your own question, and access the user’s answer in the {"func":"valueSensingAnswer"} block.

Sample Code:
{"func":"registerFlagTrigger","values":[],"containers":[],"next":{"func":"blockLooksSayFor","values":[{"type":"string","value":"Hi!"},{"type":"number","value":"2"}],"containers":[],"next":{"func":"blockSensingAskAndWait","values":[{"type":"string","value":"What is your name?"}],"containers":[],"next":{"func":"blockLooksSayFor","values":[{"type":"wrapper","func":"valueOpJoin","values":[{"type":"string","value":"hello "},{"type":"wrapper","func":"valueSensingAnswer","values":[]}]},{"type":"number","value":"2"}],"containers":[]}}}} Add to my Backpack

Sample Projects:    What’s Your Name?, Asking Questions

How do I change scenes in a story?

Use the {"func":"blockLooksNextBackground"} or {"func":"blockLooksSwitchBackground"} blocks to change the scene, and add {"func":"registerBackgroundChange"} in an Actor’s code to make it do stuff when certain scenes pop up.

Sample Code:
{"func":"registerFlagTrigger","values":[],"containers":[],"next":{"func":"blockControlForever","values":[],"containers":[{"func":"blockControlWait","values":[{"type":"number","value":"10"}],"containers":[],"next":{"func":"blockLooksNextBackground","values":[],"containers":[]}}]}} Add to my Backpack

Sample Projects:    Four Seasons

How do I keep track of time?

You can use the {"func":"blockSensingResetTimer"} block and {"func":"valueSensingTimer"} variable to keep track of how much time has passed. Display the timer on the screen by clicking on the check box next to the {"func":"valueSensingTimer"} variable.

Sample Code:
{"func":"registerFlagTrigger","values":[],"containers":[],"next":{"func":"blockSensingResetTimer","values":[],"containers":[]}} Add to my Backpack

How do I make that box with a variable and its value show up on the Stage?

You can make any variable that has a check box to the left of it appear on the Stage by checking the box. This way, the user can see the variable’s value as it changes.

Sample Projects:    Paddle Ball, Moody Face, Learn to Keep Score

How do I pick something random?

When you want to do something random, you have to translate what you want to do into numbers so you can use the {"func":"valueOpRandom"} code block to generate a random number. For example, if you have a list of names and want to pick a random name, you should pick a random number between 0 and the length of the list and use that number to access a random name from the list.

Sample Projects:    Magic 8 Ball, Pom Pom