What is the Backpack in Tynker?

The Backpack tool is a developer’s best friend. With the Backpack, you can save Actors and segments of code and use them in different projects. This way, you can write some multi-purpose functions and use them in future projects without having to write them again.

Using the BackPack

Where do I find the Backpack tool?

Upon creating a new project, the Backpack icon is located on the right side of the toolbar of Tynker Workshop.

How do I use the Backpack tool?

Click the Backpack icon and drag any blocks or actors into the drop-down space (these can be single blocks, or even a stack of multiple blocks).

Now that blocks are saved in your Backpack, simply drag blocks from the Backpack of your choosing into your new project. Every project on your account will have access to the Backpack.