Character Creator

What is Character Creator?

Use the Character Creator to design your own heroes and villains. Pick and choose different body parts, head gear and weapons to customize characters for your games. Each character supports multiple types of animations that you can invoke using code.

Create a Character

How do I level up?

As you earn more experience (XP) points, you will level up automatically. Earn XP points by:

  • Solving puzzles
  • Writing code
  • Completing lessons
  • Building games

How do I unlock characters?

There are hundreds of characters to use, and you can unlock them by leveling up on Tynker. You level up by earning XP points as you complete lessons, solve puzzles and build your own projects.

How do I access the Character Creator?

Once you create a new project, you can access Character Creator under "Add Actor". First click on the Add Actor block on the right of the canvas. Next, click "Build A Character".

How do I build a character?

Once you have the Character Creator open, there are several tabs on the left hand side of the page: Girls, Boys, Dragons, Critters, and Tiny. There are several starting body types in each category. You will only be able to use parts for the characters that you have unlocked.

Click on one of these categories to access pre-made characters and select a character to get started. After selecting a character, change different body parts of your character and view their animations.

How do I change my characters in code?

You can also use the "set part" block in your code to change your character’s parts.