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Zombie Chase

by Graceful Blame



Zombie Chase, a project made by Graceful Blame using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, delays, simple loops, simple variables, detect conditions, advanced events, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, program control, simple motion, variables, advanced motion, input/output, simple conditionals, resize actor, text handling, pen color, advanced animation, miscellaneous, basic math, advanced messaging

  • #Lines:391
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:30
  • #Scripts:114

Text Snippets

  • welcome to the apocalypse! don’t touch the zombies or the storm.
  • tap the different items on the top to get rid of the zombies.
  • once all the zombies are dead you win! have fun!
  • congrats! you survived! and best of won!!!!
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