Your Day School Edition 1

by Hypnotic Steward

remixed from "Your Day School Edition" by MagicCat360

originally from "Your Day School Ed. pt 1&2" by Loving Judge



Your Day School Edition 1, a project made by Hypnotic Steward using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Quiz, Storytelling


advanced animation, input/output, visibility, simple events, advanced costume handling, basic math, delays, resize actor, miscellaneous, advanced math, simple messaging, simple conditionals, advanced events, detect conditions, simple sound playing, simple motion, conditional loops, advanced messaging, simple variables, direction and turning, simple loops, variables, advanced motion, graphic effects, music and instruments, program control

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  • #Actors:31
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:152

Text Snippets

  • adventurous music
  • this is your room
  • tap things in your room to get ready for school
  • your locker combination is 1234. don't forget it!
  • make sure to talk to everyone.
  • either tap them or walk up to them.
  • what kind of word is 'lovely' ?
  • it was sunny, so kate ____ to the park. which word fits best in the gap?
  • lachlan beleved he could fly. fix the spelling error.
  • what is your vocabulary?
  • ability to spell
  • sentences in your head
  • letters you know
  • what letter does the word astronaut start with?
  • true or false: the letter 'c' sounds like the word 'sea'
  • johnny the dog barked at mia the cat. what is wrong with that sentence?
  • no capital letters
  • how many letters in the alphabet?
  • how many states and capitals are in the united states
  • asian blue football
  • asian black cat skirt
  • better get on the bus!
  • redhead green hoodie
  • darkskintone nerd glasses
  • midskintone doctor
  • oh no! i almost missed my bus!
  • i like your shirt!
  • i'm your friend dorothy, in case you have forgotten!
  • hiya, you look nice today!
  • i know, liz is annoying
  • just ignore her.
  • see ya in english!
  • side emote angry
  • how can you be so mean?!
  • maybe you're right, liz!
  • liz is a much nicer person than you!
  • i will now move to her table!
  • i've absolutely had enough of you!
  • step away, for you are no longer my friend!
  • c'mon, let's hang out together!
  • hi! let's hang out!
  • wasn't liz so mean today when she made the teacher give us that extra hard division?
  • she knows i hate math!
  • don't worry, the karma police are coming for her...
  • i'm gonna fake being liz's friend, and then expose what a bully she is to everyone!
  • she is gonna be sorry she ever messed with us!
  • thanks a lot for helping me with this, i don't know where i'd be without you.
  • psst! you there!
  • i know the answer, it's a flashlight, because it will make the barrel lit!
  • do you trust me?
  • but i thought we were friends...
  • maybe i wont hang out with you anymore!!!
  • this is the start of a wonderful relationship!
  • yo, school sucks!
  • front emote laugh
  • i know how you can win your fight with jason!
  • just put a banana peel on the ground, he'll slip and fall!
  • any girls you have a crush on yet?
  • i, for one, am a fan of liz!
  • i agree, she's hot!
  • she was weird to me on the bus!
  • that girl who made us do hard divison in maths class?
  • great choice, but she's mine!
  • she is weird to everyone! and she is stunning while she does it...
  • what? i love division!
  • she is an angel...
  • thanks for chilling with me this recess!
  • i saw ainsley looking at me funny...
  • tell liz to go to the library at lunch!
  • front emote bashful
  • wanna sit with me?
  • waddup its your boi rick!
  • eww, you're gross!
  • no seat for you here!
  • omg can you just stay away!?
  • you even have the nerve to wear the same outfit as me!
  • not to mention you stink!
  • side emote laugh
  • i have an embarrasing photo of you!
  • ever dare to mess with me again, and i'll share it with everyone!!
  • side emote crazy laugh
  • just leave me alone, weird kid!
  • get away from my special locker!
  • why is it that everywhere i go, i always see your ugly face?
  • you! ahahhahahahahahahhaah!
  • not talking about you, teacher, just this annoying student who thinks its ok to talk to me on the bus!!
  • oh shut up, ainsley!
  • miss, may i go to the toilet?
  • it's ok, dorothy!
  • you can be my friend, come sit with me!
  • let me make it clear, none of you can come to my table!
  • you're gonna regret coming this close to me!
  • what do you even think you're doing?
  • i want you to be my friend.
  • stop messing with people!
  • hmm... you sound like you mean it...
  • i know! meet me at the toilets at lunch and i'll show you what being part of my group is like!
  • no way! not until i've gotten all of your dumb friends detention!
  • everything you've said and done to me; i've had enough!
  • can you hang with me? no.
  • you really are pushing hard, aren't you?
  • sorry to break it to you, but i'm already taken.
  • no room for losers in this bus!
  • you're hot, but not as cute as liz!
  • you actually think you can sit with me?
  • pah, you're nowhere near as awesome as i am!
  • and you suck at everything!
  • really? wanna fight me?
  • alright, let's fight then, bring it on!
  • ugh, saved by the bell...
  • we're still fighting at lunch, dont worry!
  • i'm not talking to you until we fight.
  • something amazing is happening at lunch today!
  • if you wish to see, come to the field at lunch
  • our fight will be on the field, at lunch.
  • you better come, or you're chicken!
  • school planner open
  • nice work! now class, can you answer this riddle?
  • what can you put in a barrel to make it lighter?
  • good morning class, and welcome to english!
  • make sure you are all in your seats.
  • a warmup question: in the alphabet, what letter comes after l?
  • wrong. do you know the answer?
  • what letter comes after l? (answer in uppercase)
  • correct, great work!
  • you're doing great in english, i think you need to do the special worksheet!
  • not what i was looking for, but nice try!
  • i think it would be best if you stick to worksheet 1.
  • and that is the end of period 1!
  • remember: reading is better than video games!
  • hello class, you now have math with me!
  • take the opposite of the word 'win' and add an r. what do you have?
  • now the rest of you will do really long division!
  • what is 2978429764325776 divided by 8387177997???
  • what happened? i didn't catch the bus!
  • hey! the name's ainsley, i'm new here!
  • side emote yucky
  • what's up with those girls dorothy and liz?
  • you seem nice enough!
  • wanna hang with me this recess?
  • did you know, i can make it rain whenever i want?
  • pretty cool, except i can't make it sunny again...
  • do you know that guy with the orange hair?
  • side emote bashful
  • anyways, thanks for hanging out with me!
  • hi! i'm sure dorothy would love to hang with you!
  • just so you know, that girl dorothy has a huge crush on you! heehee!
  • hi! what's the story between you and that blonde guy jason?
  • he hates me, don't know why.
  • not much, but you're beautiful!
  • we're fighting at lunch.
  • it sucks when somebody judges you at first sight.
  • heehee! thankyou!
  • i heard... you know you don't have to go to the fight if you dont want to!
  • are you sure you have finished talking to everyone?


  • background scene - girl bedroom
    background scene - girl bedroom
  • background scene - boy bedroom
    background scene - boy bedroom
  • background scene - main screen
    background scene - main screen
  • background scene - gender
    background scene - gender
  • background scene - inside bus
    background scene - inside bus
  • background scene - outside school
    background scene - outside school
  • background scene - ending
    background scene - ending
  • background scene - locker area
    background scene - locker area
  • background scene - inside locker
    background scene - inside locker
  • background scene - schedule
    background scene - schedule
  • background scene - classroom
    background scene - classroom
  • background scene - locker area boy
    background scene - locker area boy
  • background scene - classroom math
    background scene - classroom math
  • background scene - time pass
    background scene - time pass
  • background scene - cafeteria sunny
    background scene - cafeteria sunny
  • background scene - cafeteria rainy
    background scene - cafeteria rainy
  • background scene - finally finally home
    background scene - finally finally home
  • shirt - drawing
    shirt - drawing
  • start - start
    start - start
  • female - drawing
    female - drawing
  • male - m
    male - m
  • ipod - drawing1
    ipod - drawing1
  • hoody - drawing
    hoody - drawing
  • controller - drawing1
    controller - drawing1
  • lock - drawing
    lock - drawing
  • 1 - drawing
    1 - drawing
  • 2 - drawing
    2 - drawing
  • 3 - drawing
    3 - drawing
  • 4 - drawing
    4 - drawing
  • 5 - drawing
    5 - drawing
  • 6 - drawing
    6 - drawing
  • 7 - drawing
    7 - drawing
  • 8 - drawing
    8 - drawing
  • 9 - drawing
    9 - drawing
  • 0 - drawing
    0 - drawing
  • school planner - school planner
    school planner - school planner
  • school planner - school planner open
    school planner - school planner open
  • books - pile of books
    books - pile of books
  • pencilcase - drawing
    pencilcase - drawing
  • drawing3 - drawing
    drawing3 - drawing

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