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Your Day School Ed. pt 1

by Square Judge



Your Day School Ed. pt 1, a project made by Square Judge using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Simulator, Customizer, Role Playing


simple events, visibility, advanced animation, input/output, delays, advanced costume handling, resize actor, basic math, simple sound playing, detect conditions, miscellaneous, simple messaging, advanced messaging, conditional loops, simple conditionals, advanced events, direction and turning, advanced motion, advanced math, simple motion, simple loops, graphic effects, music and instruments

  • #Lines:386
  • #Actors:18
  • #Costumes:24
  • #Scripts:73

Text Snippets

  • Your Day School Ed. pt 1
  • this is your room
  • tap things in your room to get ready for school
  • catch up with your friends while on the bus
  • either tap them or walk up to them
  • once you are done, tap the face to exit makeup area
  • asian blue football
  • blond pink princess
  • better get on the bus!
  • redhead green hoodie
  • darkskintone nerd glasses
  • midskintone doctor
  • oh no! i almost missed my bus!
  • heya, you look nice today!
  • i like your shirt!
  • i'm your friend dorothy, in case you have forgotten!
  • yo, school sucks!
  • front emote laugh
  • front emote bashful
  • wanna sit with me?
  • waddup its your boi rick!
  • eww, your gross!
  • no seat for you here!
  • side emote angry
  • omg can you just stay away!?
  • you even have the nerve to wear the same outfit as me!
  • not to mention you stink!
  • side emote laugh
  • i have an embarrasing photo of you!
  • ever dare to mess with me again, and i'll share it with everyone!!
  • side emote crazy laugh
  • just leave me alone, weird kid!
  • no room for losers in this bus!
  • you're hot, but not as cute as liz!
  • you actually think you can sit with me?
  • pah, you're nowhere near as awesome as i am!
  • and you suck at everything!
  • really? wanna fight me?
  • alright, let's fight then, bring it on!

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