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Young Girl’s story

by Blank Bison



Young Girl’s story, a project made by Blank Bison using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Storytelling, Role Playing


input/output, visibility, simple events, simple conditionals, basic math, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, delays, program control, simple variables, variables, text handling, simple sound playing, simple motion, cloning

  • #Lines:442
  • #Actors:14
  • #Costumes:16
  • #Scripts:65

Text Snippets

  • Young Girl’s story
  • i'd like to thank taze_the_baptur for inspiring me to do this. thank you so much!
  • egg was just a normal egg.
  • he really enjoyed being an egg.
  • he wished to escape the lonely stage,
  • and be with the young girl.
  • ...what was her name again?
  • doges are still the best, oh yes
  • really??? egg???
  • her name is anything but egg!
  • i do not tolerate this behavior!
  • her name is not egg. just remember.
  • now you will forever try to find your way back home!
  • met this wonderful person called egg. egg couldn’t stay with her, however.
  • decided to move off of the stage into the forbidden lands. egg was allowed there because he was a guard.
  • loved eachother so much. the forbidden lands was a great place to talk.
  • they loved to play in thr
  • do you want a tip now?
  • naming the young girl certain things will give you certain endings!
  • would you like another tip?
  • there was once a young girl.
  • she wasn't like any of her human friends, but she got along fine.
  • what should we name this girl?
  • no. just no. don’t name her my name.
  • doges are the best oh yes
  • is a nice name, i guess.
  • so she began to..
  • ride on a magic pony
  • blow something up
  • and so, she ate. did you know eat is an anagram of ate?
  • but what did she eat? she's not just going to eat air!
  • maybe she could eat some gummies...
  • and so, she ate air and all she ate was air. she said air tasted good. she drank air, too.
  • then she realized she could be no more if she kept eating and drinking air, so she stopped.
  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away, they always say. so she never had to go to the doctor again.
  • so she ate some gummies.
  • she enjoyed the gummies.
  • you know, i don't even know your username/name.
  • what is your name?
  • thank you so much for playing my game!~
  • whale hello there,
  • i’m fireflows!
  • she was having a bit of trouble deciding what exactly to blow up.
  • what should she blow up?
  • um, nevermind...
  • so she decided to blow up a bank.
  • she grabbed what she needed and..
  • it all happened so quickly that she didn’t know what hit her.
  • was never seen...
  • so, she blew up an oil pump, getting loads of money in return.
  • maybe she should get a job instead.
  • which job should she have?
  • great minds think alike.
  • so she became an author.
  • she wrote lots of books and became one of the best authors in the world.
  • she was very famous for her writing.
  • and now she lives happily.
  • all because of you.
  • and so, she became a doctor.
  • she was one of the most famous doctors in the world.
  • she saved many from death.
  • she lives happily,
  • treewithwaterand
  • i’m fireflows.
  • i’m the creator of this game...
  • i’d like to say...
  • thank you for playing my game...
  • thank you for all the support...
  • you’re all amazing. ❤️
  • pandaoutfitchangeyounggirl
  • i’d like to thank taze_the_baptur for inspiring me to do this, and my brother for doing some of it, seeing how he would do it. thank you both! 💞
  • are you sure you wish to buy tips for 500 coins?
  • do you wish for a tip now?
  • are you sure you wish to buy heart necklace for 600 coins?
  • are you sure you wish to buy panda plush for 1,000 coins?
  • if you buy, say, the heart necklace and the panda, depending on what you buy last, you cannot buy it. sorry :(
  • how are you today?
  • don’t worry, i’ll change that.
  • that’s great, so am i!
  • hopefully, we can become great friends! :)
  • anywho, i’d like to play a short game with you, and maybe tell you something about me and the young girl, is that okay?
  • you can always go back if it is not.

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