Yaamini's Tynker Help EP. 1

by Yaamini



Yaamini's Tynker Help EP. 1, a project made by Yaamini using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Educational, How To, Social


simple messaging, input/output, visibility, simple events, text handling, simple loops, delays, advanced costume handling

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Text Snippets

  • Yaamini's Tynker Help EP. 1
  • hi everyone, and welcome to the first episode of "yaamini's tynker help". i made this especially for the coders out there who have questions that need to be answered.
  • this first episode is going to answer a question that even i used to wonder about.
  • this episode is about adding your own music to your projects. there is music in the soundtrack library (tynker provides this), but sometimes, you want to use your own music.
  • this is how you add your own music:
  • all you have to do is sign into tynker online, in the website.
  • after you see that you have succesfully signed into your own student account, go to 'my projects'
  • go to the tynker website and sign into your account.
  • this is what you will see:
  • click on 'my projects'. either click on this yellow 'create' button to create a new project, or click on any of your existing projects. it doesn't matter what you choose.
  • right now, i will click on this yellow 'create' box.
  • click on this 'stage' button...
  • ...click on the 'sounds' button and...
  • there! you have a whole new library of cool music!
  • if you find some piece of music that you like, but you want to continue working on the app instead of the website, no problem!
  • just save the music in your project, and go back to the app. the music will be there when you open it from the app!
  • proof for this: just see my "candy clicker" game!
  • however, you still can't upload your own music, so what do you do?
  • repeat the same steps on a computer. on your computer, you have the ability to upload your own music!
  • just make sure that your desired music is downloaded in your computer, and somewhere in your file folders. the music has to be there.
  • for more assistance, contact tynker or watch the video tynker has uploaded on this.
  • the video is called, "how to import your own music". i hope this helped!
  • thank you for watching, and please leave a like! also, do not copy!
  • if i can get at least 100 likes, i will make another episode that will answer another common question!
  • "yaamini's tynker help": episode 1- adding your own music/soundtracks to your projects
  • yaamini's tynker help


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