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wizard adventure

by Ornery Bread



wizard adventure, a project made by Ornery Bread using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Stick Figure, Storytelling


visibility, advanced messaging, simple messaging, input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, delays, direction and turning, advanced motion, conditional loops, detect conditions, simple motion, simple costume handling, variables, simple variables

  • #Lines:218
  • #Actors:15
  • #Costumes:57
  • #Scripts:53

Text Snippets

  • wizard adventure
  • ack tap the rock!
  • fine have it your way
  • im fine with that
  • and who are you?
  • im a tree monster so scram fool!
  • no! never will i allow anything to pass so scram idiot!!!!!
  • what ohhh you gonna battle well im fine with that but i have killed anyone who dared to battle me!!!!!!!!!!
  • tree fire damage
  • dude i am a tree...
  • its just one ice block. i suffer winter after winter
  • how *cough did you *cough find out my *cough* weakness?

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