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Winter, a project made by Straight Sparkle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple messaging, text handling, simple events, visibility, input/output, simple variables, advanced costume handling, basic math, detect conditions, simple costume handling, advanced motion, delays, advanced events, simple conditionals, direction and turning, simple loops, miscellaneous, conditional loops, simple motion, simple drawing, resize actor, pen color, program control, layers, shape drawing, fill color

  • #Lines:258
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:39
  • #Scripts:54

Text Snippets

  • but you don't have enough coins :(
  • tap anywhere on the screen to shoot.
  • two health bars on the yeti dosen't mean it gets extra health.
  • the top health bar is how far you are from defeating it.
  • when the bottom health bar is empty, the top goes down by one.
  • defeat the yeti to earn coins.
  • you will earn 50 coins for each defeated yeti.
  • a new cannon costs 200 coins.
  • tap on the cannon barrel to buy a new cannon.
  • when your cannon's health bar runs out, it's game over.
  • you can't buy extra health.
  • that might be coming in the next version.
  • look in the top right corner for your version.
  • drawing1 copy copy copy copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy copy copy
  • tynker, allan, ronin
  • thanks for playing!
  • if we can get 100 likes, look forward to the next version!
  • more games and videos
  • fast turtle (animation)
  • purple button off
  • purple button on