Week 2: Tell Codey's Story

by Jedi Kitty 😺

originally from "Week 2: Tell Codey's Story" by Organic Explode



Week 2: Tell Codey's Story, a project made by Jedi Kitty 😺 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Animation, Art, Storytelling

Text Snippets

  • spring background 2
  • hmm... from that whooshing noise i hear, i think someone is sending some super-missiles to blow me up.
  • luckily, i have a robot and a computer. i can use my coding skills to save the day!
  • let's see.. i'll have the robot take control of that conveniently located crane..
  • ...grab the missile before it reaches me...
  • ...and vaporize it with its atomic ray gun!
  • we'll have to send some super-missiles to blow him up.
  • mr. president! the tynker mascot codey is putting up yard signs! he's running against you in the upcoming election!


  • background scene - spring background 2
    background scene - spring background 2
  • background scene - blank
    background scene - blank
  • Robot 4 - Robot 4
    Robot 4 - Robot 4
  • actor2 - blank
    actor2 - blank
  • actor3 - blank
    actor3 - blank
  • actor4 - blank
    actor4 - blank
  • actor5 - blank
    actor5 - blank

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