project screenshot

VidTube Sim 1

by Present Chimpanzee

originally from "VidTube Sim" by Noiseless Data



VidTube Sim 1, a project made by Present Chimpanzee using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, App, Web Service


simple messaging, visibility, input/output, variables, basic math, simple events, advanced costume handling, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, simple variables, simple motion, text handling, simple loops, graphic effects, delays, conditional loops, layers, expert physics

  • #Lines:848
  • #Actors:27
  • #Costumes:29
  • #Scripts:205

Text Snippets

  • open game center
  • clickbait=bad for vidtube
  • screen recording
  • thegoldenminecart watch dab video
  • cosmic wars, the game play
  • cosmic wars event
  • views for video 1
  • you were shot down by an enemy!
  • your viewers are confused by your reaction.
  • your viewers like the video so far! keep it up!
  • you won the round!
  • your viewers love your video!
  • your viewers are very confused over what just happened.
  • you barely dodged an attack!
  • woah, that was close!
  • your viewers are grateful to have found someone who makes sense.
  • your viewers are extremely confused over what the heck just happened.
  • aliens just took over the world!
  • ahhh! the earth is done for!
  • your viewers love that meme, but are tired of hearing it in vidtube videos.
  • your viewers are happy that you had a reasonable reaction.
  • next event earth
  • you just sent a rocket to the andromeda galaxy!
  • yeah! i beat the game? wait, i didn’t?
  • what’s the andromeda galaxy?
  • you spent a few minutes researching on your ipad, and this angers your fans until your dog comes and beats the whole game. now you’re famous!
  • your viewers have found a vidtuber who makes sense. lucky them!
  • you destroyed an incoming asteroid!
  • i hope everyone down on earth is ok.
  • woah, that was extemely close!
  • i am very relieved.
  • your viewers wonder why you hope virtual people you’ve never heard of are ok.
  • your fans are happy, so, so am i! oh, and you of course.
  • alright, this game is fun!
  • you said “woooo” for 6 hours. your viewers stopped watching.
  • your fans like how you didn’t brag!
  • ready player-er, next event plumb
  • aw, man. well, let’s try again!
  • your reaction was concise and to the point. good job!
  • you “tried again” for 21 hours. your viewers got tired of it and stopped watching.
  • you took down the samurai robots!
  • what. just. happened.
  • woo! yeah! i did it, i did it, i did it...
  • wait, what? i was busy day-dreaming.
  • first of all, why would you pick that? second, your viewers don’t admire your “day-dreaming”.
  • your fans admire your gaming skills. now they want more!
  • next event ninja
  • every single ninja has been defeated except for you!
  • kick it into overdrive!
  • your fans have no idea what you just said.
  • your viewers hope you survive the round.
  • the ninja headquarters exploded!
  • -surprised look- what the what?
  • -pulls out trumpet and starts playing amazing grace-
  • your viewers are surprised by the randomness of what just happened.
  • your viewers share your reaction, and they hope you do good.
  • can you fix my sink? it’s been-oh, no? okay. time for a closing!
  • hit the like button or else i will haunt you in your sleep!
  • plumb not playable
  • wait. i just want to say that i’m tired of people copying games. i searched this game in community, and found about ten copies. i still see copies of a game where you would try not to fall off a path. please, i beg of all of you. quit copying projects.
  • bottom message box
  • comp. browsing x
  • time for a closing!
  • thanks for watching!
  • like and subscribe!
  • cosmic wars not playable
  • this is my house. this is where i make vidtube videos. i have 0 subscribers. i am an amateur vidtuber. but hopefully, that’ll change soon. this is my journey.
  • are you a boy, or a girl?
  • actual game start
  • what is your vlog about?
  • what happened recently!
  • a story about my 3-year old self.
  • your viewers love your humorous stories!
  • your viewers love how you exaggerate your stories. no, you did not “almost get mauled to death by a doberman”. it was a friendly poodle.
  • ninjas just jumped into your room via open window! just kidding! what’s your closing?
  • um, this game was odd. like and subscribe.
  • um, like and subscribe?
  • ninja not playable
  • watch out for that giant asteroid! ha, i’m just joking. time for a closing!
  • slam that subscribe button!
  • uh, anyone up for a vlog? no? ok...
  • make sure to slam that like and subscribe button!
  • earth not playable
  • vlog video upload
  • back to vidtube home
  • clickbait is ruining vidtube
  • cosmic wars, the game
  • your fans are tired of this game. buy another game!
  • video game on homepage
  • successfully bought!
  • insufficient funds.
  • not screen recording