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V0.2.0 Jet Fighter 2

by Useful Opinion

originally from "V0.3.3 Jet Fighter" by Lush Morning



V0.2.0 Jet Fighter 2, a project made by Useful Opinion using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple variables, simple messaging, visibility, variables, delays, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, text handling, input/output, advanced animation, simple events, simple motion, graphic effects, simple loops, advanced math, advanced motion, conditional loops, cloning, advanced costume handling, conditional wait, detect conditions, screen bounds, simple costume handling, functions, resize actor, direction and turning

  • #Lines:1564
  • #Actors:36
  • #Costumes:43
  • #Scripts:194

Text Snippets

  • V0.2.0 Jet Fighter 2
  • are you sure you want to reset?
  • mode: impossible
  • stopping and restarting means you lose your saved data. that will be fixed when it is.
  • changelog is still a work in progress but here's the update: changelog button. fixed text being small first time.
  • there is no need to reset.
  • load was successful
  • returning back to game...
  • cost of fast plane
  • the laser functions like a normal rpg. just keep holding on to the button and the laser health goes down. completely down makes it burst into powder. each time you press laser the laser gets stronger.
  • cost: faster plane
  • current version:
  • paused. touch to resume
  • (this may take a moment)
  • loading complete