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Updated Café Eat or Work!


remixed from "Café Eat or Work!" by Scared Plan

originally from "Gnome's Café BETA" by Purpleberry



Updated Café Eat or Work!, a project made by Fan of RAGELIXIR using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Food & Drink, Art, Customizer


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, input/output, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, detect conditions, delays, basic math, advanced events, resize actor, advanced motion, simple motion, simple loops, miscellaneous, program control, variables, layers, simple variables, simple sound playing, conditional loops, text handling

  • #Lines:657
  • #Actors:25
  • #Costumes:42
  • #Scripts:160

Text Snippets

  • © purpleberry do not directly copy!
  • this game is still in beta and will be frequently updating
  • what would you be interested in having today?
  • coming right up!
  • cookie coming right up!
  • one fresh-baked cinnamon bun, coming right up!
  • mushroom or mushroom soup?
  • mushroom soup coming up!
  • mushroom coming up!
  • warm cup of coffee coming right up!
  • warm cup of tea coming right up!
  • fresh glass of water coming right up!
  • this feature isn't available yet, sorry
  • i really would enjoy some mango icecream!
  • how about a cinnamon bun for me?
  • you have the best food in the gnome empire!
  • how about some tea for me?
  • mmm... just like home!
  • i didn't order that, sorry
  • what a pleasure it was to be here!
  • i would like a cup of coffee
  • mmm... this is the stuff!
  • ahh... just what i needed!
  • say, i'm thirsty again, may i have a glass of water?
  • nice and fresh!
  • thank you very much!
  • i'd prefer a nice warm chocolate chip cookie!
  • 1.2.0 what's new: work option improved, eat option improved