Tynker Tips

by Yaamini



Tynker Tips, a project made by Yaamini using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Cool / Wow, Shout-Out, My Favorites, Educational


input/output, text handling, simple events, simple loops

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  • (originally made by: yaamini)
  • click on any of the four buttons below. read them all!
  • marvelous coders!
  • there are a lot of great coders out there. but some coders that really caught my attention were: layla) this person's project, "things taken literally" was hilarious. it is very simple and has basic code however it makes me laugh every time. ruby-suzzy) all of this coder's projects are great. i especially like "revolve", which challenged me a lot. emi_629) "if the seasons stop" and "rap battle 3000" is something you should definitely check out. they are great, but also check out emi_629's other projects too; this is one talented coder. i am very sure there are lots of other great projects that i haven't seen yet. but for now these are definitely the ones you should check out!
  • when we start coding at first, it can be hard. but the key to making it easier is practice. if you don't understand what a specific line of code does, all you have to do is drag it to the miniature codey. and don't overwhelm yourself. start out simple and try coding a tutorial first. these can be found in the workshop. also, you can always check out other people's projects. click on the "see code" button to see a project's lines of code. and practice. it might take a while for you to totally master coding, but it's possible!! just believe in yourself, keep practicing and keep tynkering!! good luck!!!
  • getting featured!!
  • getting featured sure is exciting. you get featured when tynker notices a good project. all tynker projects must follow the guidelines to be featured, by the way. and you have to have put in all your effort into your project. when you get featured, you get a little pop-up thing that tells you you're featured. if you'd like, you can enter the email that you set your tynker account with, or with any one of your parents' email. there are two options. either you can accept or not accept. if you accept you and your parents can set up a time for an interview, and you get interviewed!! soon after, you get an email and an article on you in the tynker website will be set up. cool, huh?
  • coding is the key to the future. every big network is based on coding. facebook is an example. these days most adults have facebook to chat and connect to one another. but what made it work? coding. of course, facebook works on much more complex code, but tynker is a great platform to start coding, so one day we can code like pros. at first, it will be tough. but keep at it! as you code more and more, you will start loving it. think of the possibilities- you can code anything you want! its all on you, and you decide everything. you will start learning harder and harder code and create better and better projects. if you find any problems in your project, coding challenges your brain to fix it. we all benefit so much from coding! and remember this: a good project isn't defined by how long the code is or how complex the code is. you get to create something marvelous, and you can be proud that you know how to speak the language of computers! so go ahead- code something great, and learn something new!


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