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TV, a project made by Scholarly Delay using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




advanced costume handling, input/output, delays, simple events, program control, advanced events, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:90
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:10
  • #Scripts:20

Text Snippets

  • hello! this is the food channel! we will show you different treats and sweets!
  • today, we will look at donuts!
  • this is gem channel, where you can find the greatest deals on jewelery!
  • the weather forecast for monday is partly cloudy as well as on tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday will be mist, and saturday there will be a thunderstorm.
  • let's see the weather forecast for next week.
  • ooh! ireland is in the lead 3-1! if england can steal the ball, they'll win the world cup tournament!
  • well, that was england's score! goal!
  • well, the score is now 3-2! england is determined to win the cup!
  • welcome to the nature channel!
  • this is fashion tv! we will show you the latest outfits and fashion trends!
  • when you dress, try not to wear too much print, and wear colors that match. for example: black and gold, or blue and pink.
  • hello! this is the traffic channel! we will keep you updated on your way to work!
  • if you zoom in on the 10, it is clear there is a delay. if you need the 10, i would advise you take another route today.
  • let's watch the sports channel! new england is in the lead 15-8!
  • touchdown! new england is winning 22-8!
  • bob: welcome to finale of the two-player basketball!
  • guy: b.b. has the ball! looks like a clear shot! i wonder if he can make it!
  • bob: i wonder who will win!
  • guy: 10 seconds on the clock, wil he make it?
  • b.b. dunked the ball!
  • b.b. 22! g.s. 21!
  • b.b. won the champion ship!