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Turtle's Choice

by {shadow} wolfie (moved)



Turtle's Choice, a project made by {shadow} wolfie (moved) using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Storytelling


input/output, advanced costume handling, simple events, expert math, simple conditionals, visibility, delays, simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • hi! welcome to turtles choice! enjoy!
  • please don't copy, it took a long time to do this. if you do, please give credit.
  • when you begin, choose your turtle. the choices are... baby turtle, young turtle, adult turtle.
  • which turtle?? click each one to see who they are and what they'll say!
  • which turtle do you want?
  • your turtle will become the tynker turtle because it's smaller.
  • what is your turtle's name?
  • 's the perfect name!
  • on your way to shell bay, you are intercepted by a giant shark. this particular shark enjoys turtles, breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, and dinner. even a snack at night.
  • you duck behind a clump of seaweed before it can see you, but it smells you. do you.....
  • try to swim away without it seeing you...or...stay still and hope it goes away?
  • try to swim away
  • you sidle out, and the shark, not being very smart, starts chasing its tail.
  • you rush down to shell bay, and no-one's there!!! worried, you....
  • go into a shell hut and poke around.
  • swim past to megalodon reef.
  • nothing is out of order, so you start to swim out...when a giant shark swims past. it's way bigger than the tiny tiger shark encounter this morning. and...what's that on his fin?? it's fishing net, with all the turtles that used to live here!!
  • do the shark....or....try to go on to megalodon reef?
  • i just wanted to get this out, so pt. 2 will be coming around shortly :d
  • as you're about to go through the crack, two little sharks pop up on either side, hungry for turtle.
  • curious, the shark swims closer....and finds your shell. yum-yum!!
  • hi! i'm baby turtle!! i just hatched. i'm exhausted.
  • hello. i'm adult turtle. these little hatchlings are so annoying! all they do is climb all over me. i'm old, for heaven's sake!
  • sup. i'm not a hatchling, but i'm also not an old turtle, like that grouch.

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