Tricky Turkeys 1

by Muffled Ski

remixed from "Tricky Turkeys" by Nervous Queen

originally from "Tricky Turkeys - SAMPLE" by Unsung Neighborhood



Tricky Turkeys 1, a project made by Muffled Ski using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple variables, variables, miscellaneous, lists, advanced math, basic math, simple conditionals, functions, delays, simple loops

  • #Lines:130
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:7
  • #Scripts:8

Text Snippets

  • hide behind a random obstacle.
  • remove the obstacle from the list, so it isn't picked again.
  • if the mouse is on the turkey and the turkey hasn't already been found...
  • mark it as found, reduce the turkey count, and make it appear with a gobble!
  • oops! try again.
  • congratulations!


  • background scene - starburst
    background scene - starburst
  • turkey - running turkey
    turkey - running turkey
  • pumpkin - pumpkin
    pumpkin - pumpkin
  • timer - actor
    timer - actor
  • pumpkin1 - Carrot
    pumpkin1 - Carrot
  • pumpkin11 - Apple
    pumpkin11 - Apple
  • turkey1 - running turkey
    turkey1 - running turkey
  • turkey11 - running turkey
    turkey11 - running turkey