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Treasure Hunt! 1.2.0 1

by Unruly Support

originally from "Treasure Hunt! 1.2.0" by Dysfunctional Ketchup



Treasure Hunt! 1.2.0 1, a project made by Unruly Support using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


advanced events, simple events, simple variables, detect conditions, expert physics, simple motion, direction and turning, visibility, basic math, simple loops, delays, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, resize actor, input/output, advanced animation, simple sound playing, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, functions

  • #Lines:498
  • #Actors:48
  • #Costumes:58
  • #Scripts:143

Text Snippets

  • Treasure Hunt! 1.2.0 1
  • help noobly get to the treasure!
  • take this sword!
  • kitty guardian hp
  • guardian noobly1
  • guardian noobly11
  • guardian noobly111
  • guardian noobly1111
  • guardian noobly11111
  • guardian noobly111111
  • guardian noobly1111111
  • guardian noobly11111111
  • guardian noobly111111111