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To; Gotcha gotcha xox

by Variable Lobster

remixed from "To: I Love Cake 1" by Jaunty Yawn

originally from "To: I Love Cake " by EmoDemo



To; Gotcha gotcha xox, a project made by Variable Lobster using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Shout-Out, Storytelling, Photo

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  • To; Gotcha gotcha xox
  • dear, gotcha gotcha xox!, can we be friends? i’m prob ur biggest fan. also i love ur art and wat u make on tynker. ur so creative!!! ur stuff makes me very happy!! i love the way u do things on tynker too!! ur very nice and friendly! i like u so much imma make a fan club for u!! so plz can we be friends? i laos wanna get to know u too.let’s be pen pals. u makemy world happy whhen i’m sad or mad, so tyssssvvvvm!!!!!! love, emo lillyz@40 :3

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