To Everyone...

by Death_Hacker



To Everyone..., a project made by Death_Hacker using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • me death_hacker or known as dh...
  • i know im still alive?
  • anyways i would like to say hi eveyone
  • so, the reason im even here is because well i have seen all the hate...
  • this is to the new artices that see this because i dont even go on here anymore,and to tell them to the time all of you see this i probably won't even be on till like 4 months from now so dont wast time on me and my past mistakes...
  • and if you are interested on what im doing now then, if you are old enough to have insta then folllow me, insta will be in background code, but if you dont care then just leave...
  • thank you to thoughs people who dont give me hate, and to the people who do give me hate i prob wont even see it...


  • Death_Hacker - Drawing 22
    Death_Hacker - Drawing 22

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