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Tilt Race 1

by Grim Architect

originally from "Tilt Race" by Dragon



Tilt Race 1, a project made by Grim Architect using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation


basic math, simple variables, miscellaneous, delays, simple conditionals, variables, advanced math

  • #Lines:334
  • #Actors:8
  • #Costumes:15
  • #Scripts:23

Text Snippets

  • the grassland: stay close to the road!
  • volcano: i would definitively not touch the lava!
  • asphalt: a hard difficulty with !anti-cheese! (red color)
  • !evil_anti-cheese! : i would not want to be you after this!!!
  • you win, but you cheated! (how did you find developer mode btw!?)
  • heres your dev mode...
  • !anti-cheese! : (:< no ches 4 u! >:)
  • tilt to turn, lean to move and avoid leaving the road. if not, the level will reset. touching the color red will also reset the level. please dont restart, beause it will ruin the progress. the more stages you clear, the faster you get.