the southwest

by Darling Swivel



the southwest, a project made by Darling Swivel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Educational, Geography


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, input/output, delays, simple motion, simple loops, detect conditions, advanced events, simple costume handling

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Text Snippets

  • what did you find
  • canyons are a landform in the southwest region. the bigest canypn is the grand canyon the grand canyon is locaded in arizona. its rocks are almost 2 million years old
  • corn is a natural resource that can be found in the southwest region. in this region they grow somthing called blue corn
  • copper is a rock that you can find when you mine in a mining area. copper is used to make pennies. copper is one of the rocks that are still mined in this region.
  • iron is a type of rock that can be found in mines navtive americans used them to make jewlery.
  • a mesa is a type of landform that can be found in dry areas. it almost looks exactly like a volcano
  • gold is an type of rock but you just might think that gold is just bars but they are rock and found in the bases of rivers.
  • these are very special drums that are used for a powwow. a powwow is a native american dance party.
  • pots are made out of diiferent types of materials. usaully they use clay but you can also use plaster.
  • the feather hat is what dancers would wear in a powwow. there would be different hats and the dancer would dance in a circle.
  • chillys grow in the southwest region. mostly they are very spicy and used in all the types of food.
  • bulls are mainley found in the southwest area. back then there would of been around 2 billion bisons
  • oil is found in the southwest region. they first find it underground then clean it out so it can be used


  • background scene - Sunset Dunes
    background scene - Sunset Dunes
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