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The Shard Quest (WIP)

by Passionate Chocolate



The Shard Quest (WIP), a project made by Passionate Chocolate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Adventure, Photo, Art, Animation, Animals, Battle, Cool / Wow


simple conditionals, delays, basic math, miscellaneous, simple variables, variables

  • #Lines:370
  • #Actors:14
  • #Costumes:14
  • #Scripts:55

Text Snippets

  • The Shard Quest (WIP)
  • start your adventure
  • wait (60 seconds)
  • wait (120 seconds)
  • welcome to dragolania, the land where the dragons roam free. or... they used to. the lands surrounding your home are schorched and burned. you must find the 10 sacred shards of each land and restore them to their rightful place. only then, will the dragons reign free again.
  • center message box
  • bottom message box
  • lavender field (main)
  • hello, young adventurer! i reckon you are here to save us?
  • why, dont you know that all around you the lands have been demolished?
  • no. some went along with the land, never to be seen again. but you are our savior! you see that light coming from the spawner?
  • press it, and collect your shards! you can collect them every 5 minutes. use your shards for new skins and powers!
  • alright. thats all i have to teach you. you can travel to the next world now. good luck, adventurer! please save us!
  • game has truly begun
  • the game has started. tap the screen to move around!
  • shard collection
  • go to lavender field
  • level 1: diagon fields
  • diagon fields (barren)
  • diagon fields boss battle
  • diagon field boss attack 1 correct!
  • diagon field boss attack 1 incorrect
  • diagon field boss attack 2 correct!
  • diagon field boss attack 2 incorrect
  • oh no! the diagon fields boss drive you away. retry?
  • diagon fields boss: aaaaah! *grunt* you cant beat me! *grunt*
  • diagon field boss attack 3 correct!
  • diagon field boss attack 3 incorrect
  • diagon fields boss battle finished
  • diagon fields boss battle completed
  • you've defeated the diagon fields boss! click to collect it's shard!
  • diagon fields (lushois *or whatever u spell it lol*)
  • travel to diagon fields
  • hello, and what do you mean?
  • no! i did not know that! is everyone ok?
  • wow, cool! i will do that.
  • spawn light hide
  • shard collection button
  • ~collect shards~
  • shard collection obtained
  • leave shard collection button
  • diagon fields boss
  • hahaha! hahaa! i've conquered it all!
  • what? who are you? get out of my land!
  • alright, alright. i see how it is. if you dont leave willingly, i'll make you leave!
  • what?! how did you defeat me? nooooooo!
  • diagon fields boss: you will never defeat me!
  • diagon fields boss: ow! argh, you're going to regret that!
  • diagon fields boss: aaaah! *grunt* you'll never defeat me! *grunt*
  • level 1 fight button
  • diagon fields shard
  • shards collected:
  • level 2 fight button
  • level 2: lollipop excessive land
  • lollipop expressive land boss
  • lollipop exessive boss battle
  • lollipop boss boss battle finished
  • lollipop boss battle completed
  • lollipop boss attack 1 correct!
  • lollipop boss attack 2 correct!

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