{The Pixel Post} {Vol. 4} 2

by Quarrelsome Step

originally from "{TDW 27} Code Jam" by Cryptic Waffle



{The Pixel Post} {Vol. 4} 2, a project made by Quarrelsome Step using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




basic math, string handling, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, variables, simple variables

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Text Snippets

  • {The Pixel Post} {Vol. 4} 2
  • welcome to {the pixel post} {vol. 4️⃣} πŸ‘‰click the catagories for different stories. tap the story images to read them❗️ leave some β™₯️ for more news‼️
  • color game coming soon?
  • new game coming soon...
  • leaks show it has something to do with colors... and it's going to be amazing!
  • someone else just uploaded a similar idea...
  • studies show that the awesome and world famous pcpixel, has 4 unfinished projects that we could see in the following months!
  • thanks to everyone for helping me reach more than 30k views and counting!
  • thanks for 100 total likes, you guys are amazing! at 100 i have somthing planed!...
  • the special game is .... edit ar!
  • q: cats or dogs?
  • a: cats, they are amazing... meow!
  • published projects!
  • over time pcpixel has published 14 awesome projects, but that number is expected to constantly be increasing!
  • copy = not right
  • 95% of people think that when you copy a project, at least make sure that the original can be found on the pause menu, and that you should not act like you made the whole thing!
  • science shows that taking time to make all buttons, characters, ect. look nice, makes your projects look less sloppy, and 10000% better!
  • project edit got featured.. not once, but twice! thank you so much!
  • the pixel post is now featured!!
  • tynker should add better cross-platform support! when you get featured on the website for a mobile project, and it won't work on the desktop, it greatly affects your like count!
  • q: what projects do you have planned for the web edition?
  • i am working on a html website, but it takes forever to make, it might become the offical pixel post!
  • a: {continued} i also will release edit pro for the web, but it is so broken, and far from ready ;(
  • now it's time for my favorite games! {that i made}
  • 3rd place - lazy llamas - i like this game because it was a fun concept, and the llamas are awesome!
  • 2nd place - penguins n portals - it took me forever to build {mostly the scrolling bg from scratch with no help!} but the overall game is fun and somewhat relaxing!
  • 1st place - {edit} {pro} {mobile} - i could'nt leave this one out! it got featurd, and it is the project that took my the longest to make. the original {also featured} project edit was awsome, but edit pro is better. when i was building it, the game reset my project... twice, but now edit pro is amazing!
  • {developer tips}
  • 1. keep your projects orginized! name all characters, variables, brodcast commands accordingly! this makes building a large project way easier!
  • 2. ideas - every project needs to start with a good idea! look at featured or recent projects to get ideas! dont copy them, you need to make your project from scratch! even if it's be done before, starting from scratch makes your projects unique, and often better than others!
  • 3. take time - spend time refining your projects especialy the drawing! i have seen a huge amount of featured project that look like someone made everything in 2 secs.! the drawings in my projects take me just as long as coding them!
  • the latest & greatest!
  • 2.5k news veiws!
  • the pixel post has 6k+ views! thanks for reading!
  • headline outline
  • question outline
  • page 1 is now full, but there are no articles on page 2 yet!
  • there are now 2 pages!
  • tap the button with the paper icon to try it out!
  • there is some spooky suff next month....
  • maby i'll make a game?!.....candy? apples? ghosts?
  • q: so how do you get your projects featured?
  • a: i take my time, i don't normally publish beta projects..
  • a: {continued} i like to perfect every aspect of my projects before i publish them.
  • moo moo.io beta -niceπŸ‘Œ
  • fitness fitbits -so funny! πŸ‘Œ
  • {the future of the pixel post}
  • music and possibly seasonal effects might be comming!
  • q: how do you feel about fall?
  • a: i don't like how dark it gets.
  • i sometimes want to add super cool features to my projects, but i sometimes just don't feel like doing so, if you know what i mean.


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    background scene - drawing
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